Not everything can be represented by text
There is always more than the compendium

Read the compendium when you deviate
Reading the compendium -> Faith (knowing that the contents are the only truth) -> Adherence
  - If the compendium isn't enough to conjure Faith, then meditate

The experience exists
  - there are not multiple experiences at one time, there is just the experience
Eusthesia: the experience is distinctly (ergo genuinely, truthfully) positive/good
  - to achieve it: do actions that cause eusthesic facets
Eusthesia itself cannot be cogitated
  - Eusthesic Facets (cogitatable and attainable classifications facets of eusthesia)
      - thrill, love, freedom, truth, base reality, the more, sexual pleasure,
      full mind, wonder

Moot Point: between neutrality and eusthesia, but completely seperate from either

The Good Life: neutrality – eusthesia (preferrably eusthesia) - in the eternal present
 - Always doing actions that cause the good life: ever cause eusthesic facets, 
	 never cause dysthesia. 
	 Don’t cause no thought
(causes dysthesia in itself. Also makes you just do, without thinking -> doing actions with empty 
desire and false notion of superiority, not doing actions in the good life = neutrality, moot point, 
 - ex: social media ever causes dysthesia (facet: conflebtion), is done because of no thought
Non-action (not doing actions in good life or seeking new actions that may be in good life)
-> conflebtion
 - Usually manifested as occupying your mind with neutral things and time killers
 - Ex: just listening to music 

Necessaries (work is inevitable, but you can maximally minimize it): least amount of work possible.
academic success -> less time required than failure
efficient studying -> academic success -> least possible necessaries
    -> the only true studying mankind is capable of ^
The perfect life exists    

Sensory classification alters thought/mind and spiritual classification.
 - Can make you not think about truths, or even know they exist
 - "Cultural" aspect included, notions
 - it is impossible to have nothing in the sensory classification, 
 so maximize the diversity of the sensory so that individual notions have negligible power.


Epistemology: determining truth
 - Inspiration (Starting Thought) -> Intuiton -> Truth
  - Starting Thought
    - Isolated mind (free, beautiful and euphoric)
    - Discourse
    - Reading 
     - Can start thought by providing the worded statement directly
  - Anything other than intuition is only to be used as inspiration
    - Don't listen to anybody/anything
      - Also don't normalize their information   
 - Truth is determined by "intuition" (step 3)
  - Truth Meditation: 
	1. Don't think about truth, instead think about the (worded) statement. 
	2. ...(non-word)... roughly: work from that statement
	3. Truth determination comes in a non-word way, and is distinct and instantly recognizable.
	Ways to think about statements: repeating them, saying them, repeatedly saying them

Think of more statements, think of more statements related to that statement, 
divide statements into more statements, use part of a statement to create a new statement